AutoPlay Media Studio
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AutoPlay Media Studio is a tool that you can use to create autorun for CDs and DVDs with audio, video, image files, and others. The 30-day trial is very easy to install, but a nag screen will appear every time you initiate the software. AutoPlay Media Studio may also prompt a window with missing software that it needs to run some features. The interface is user-friendly, and the welcome screen gives you three possibilities - to create a new project, open an existing one, or restore the last open project. Creating a new project comes with a few options regarding templates. You may either select from a blank project, agreement, audio, autorun menu - basic, minimal or Windows XP theme, browser, CD business card - minimal or real estate, PDF document viewer, slideshow maker, or others. Working with a template is fun and pretty addictive. Every element of the image is clickable. So, if you want to modify the text (as well as text style) or images, just double click it. On the left side of the interface you can view and edit template properties, such as attributes, position, sounds and actions. Spending time playing with AutoPlay Media Studio can get frustrating at times, especially if you're not an experienced user who knows the meaning of the technical terms. Not to worry, because this software comes with a complete User's Guide, one that describes every feature of the application, but also offers lessons for graphics and text, buttons, actions and pages, publishing, and scripting basics. The script-building process doesn't support advanced programming, so power users may find themselves slightly disappointed. But since it is very intuitive, novices will get a thrill out of it. CPU and memory resources are fairly used. So, if you want to use an interactive multimedia software that creates an autorun feature for CD/DVDs with various data stored, then AutoPlay Media Studio is the type of tool you need. On the other hand, its price is set pretty high. لمعرفة المزيد عنه ماعليك الا تحميله والتجريب هو ماسيجعلك تكتشف اكثر

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