Nimbuzz 2.2.0
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Using multiple instant messengers at the same time is the latest trend in the software industry, so you shouldn’t really be shocked if one of your friends chats on Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger simultaneously. But that’s why Nimbuzz might make your life a lot easier, because it is not only able to handle multiple messenger accounts at the same time, but it can also provide mobile phone calls straight from your PC. Nimbuzz was in essence designed to replace traditional instant messengers by providing a simple way to chat with your online buddies using a single interface. And speaking about the interface, Nimbuzz is pretty user friendly when it comes to this chapter, and although such a software solution could very well become a more difficult to use app, the interface definitely turns things around. Setting up an account takes only a few seconds, while getting used to its look is just a matter of minutes. The contact list is of course similar to the ones we’ve seen in so many other instant messengers out there, so you can add new friends, open a conversation window, set a status message, send files or start a video call directly from this screen. Just as expected, the settings menu is very rich, but what we liked the most was definitely the way it lets users configure audio and video settings. Overall, Nimbuzz is one of the best multi-protocol software solutions in the world, and since it’s free, we don’t really see a reason for not giving it a try.

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