Wireless WEP Key Password Spy 1.0
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Wireless WEP Key Password Spy اقوى برنامج لفك واكتشاف الباسورد للشبكات اللاسلكية سهل الاستخدام كما ترون بالصورة فقط اضغط على ايجاد الشبكات وسيبداء عملة على الفور لا تفوتة الوحيد المكرك بالانترنت البرنامج مكرك جاهز فقط ثبتة وشغل لن يحتاج لتسجيل كما يمكنك توقيف الانبثاقات وصفحات البوب المزعجة كما انه يقوم بترتيب اتصال الانترنت مما يحسن من سرعة الخط كما يتميز أيضا بـما يأتي - اغلاق الانترنت بكلمة سر فلا يمكن احد ان يستخدمه الا بكلمة السر وهذا يوفر لك نظام حماية خاصة من الاطفال - حمايته مميزه ومتركزة ضد احصنة طروادة والبرامج الضارة - تحديد كميات البيانات المتدفقة وهذا يوفر على من يستخدم الانترنت بنظام الفواتير وليس الاشتراك Ashampoo FireWall Pro description Includes all the strong features of monitoring of incoming and outgoing Internet traffic, one-click protection and more If you want the full functionality of a modern firewall you need Ashampoo FireWall Pro. Ashampoo FireWall Pro includes all the strong features of monitoring of incoming and outgoing Internet traffic, one-click protection and more. Ashampoo FireWall Pro always alert and checks everything going in and out of your computer, keeping out unwanted intruders and preventing unauthorized access to the Internet from your computer. And despite its impressive power Ashampoo FireWall Pro is so simple to use in Easy Mode you can just click and go for full protection. AutoStart Manager Both regular programs and malicious programs often configure themselves to start automatically with Windows. This can be both annoying and dangerous. This tool shows all auto-starting programs and enables you to disable them System Processes Monitor Shows you all the processes running on your system and enables you to stop them. Useful for identifying and killing malicious programs. Internet Cleaner Wipes all traces of your surfing activity from your computer to protect your privacy. File Wiper Deletes files and folders permanently, so that not even data recovery labs can restore them. IP Spam Blocker Prevents annoying popup spam on the desktop that is sent using the Windows messaging service (not to be confused with the Windows Messenger instant messaging program). Internet Accelerator Interactively analyzes the configuration of your Internet connection and allows you to optimize your settings for better performance. Here are some key features of \"Ashampoo FireWall Pro\": · Child Protection mode: This feature is great for concerned parents, making it impossible to go online without entering the correct password. · Active protection against Trojans: Provides effective active protection against Trojan horse programs, DLL hijackers and other malware that tries to use trusted applications to transmit secret information. · Stealth ports: Stealth ports make your ports invisible so that scanner programs can\'t even see that your computer exists. This provides very strong protection against attacks. · Port scan blocking: Together with stealth ports it makes it virtually impossible for attackers to access your machine. · Complex rules: Experienced users can define complex firewall rules geared to their own specific needs. · Traffic volume limiting: This useful function prevents unexpected costs on volume-based Internet accounts. · Real-time connection analysis: This function generates detailed statistics on every connection and every event in real time and displays them. · Internet Accelerator: Checks the configuration of your Internet connection and optimizes your settings automatically if necessary to achieve better performance. · FileWiper: Enables you to permanently delete critical files and folders from your hard disks so that they can never be found or recovered ??\" not even by data security experts

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